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Initial Consultation and First Pain Therapy Session


This involves an in depth pain assessment that helps the clinician determine how best to treat the pain you are experiencing, where the pain is physically located and whether a combination of therapy services would be beneficial.  The data collected is computerized so that we not only monitor how the therapy sessions are progressing on a pre and post session basis but also how your pain level is changing over time.

The initial consultation generally lasts around 75 minutes.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  A tank top and shorts would be preferred.


Follow-up Pain Therapy Sessions


These follow-up sessions begin with a quick evaluation of your current pain level so that we can monitor how well todays therapy session worked.  This new data is added to your file so we can follow your progress.  The goal is to extend the time interval between Pain Therapy Sessions so that you are virtually pain free. In time you should only need therapy sessions on an infrequent, as needed basis.

Follow-up sessions generally lasts around 45 minutes.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.  A tank top and shorts would be preferred.


3 Hour Migraine Therapy Sessions


One of the most debilitating short-term, recurring pains is associated with migraine headaches.  Individuals can be incapacitated within minutes and the agony can last for days.  With the proper application and combination of Microcurrent Physical Therapy, Natural Pain Relief topical analgesics and extended length CES Pain Therapy Sessions most migraines can be successfully dealt with in less than three hours. Migraine therapy sessions can last up to 3 hours.


CES Relaxation Therapy Sessions


The Pain Treatment Spa has coupled the CES Therapy Session with our handcrafted aromatherapy blends to provide you with an amazing 40 minute Relaxation session.  This is a perfect way to get relaxed and focused in less than an hour.



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